SusiesStories Rockport Author Event 9/8 – 2pm to 5pm

Meet Hirdesh Matta, author of Tommy The G.O.A.T. at SusiesStories Rockport on the first Sunday of the football season – before the Pats play the Sunday Night Football game against Pittsburgh.

This is a great book for toddlers up to beginning readers. The words on each page are minimal to keep your child’s interest. The book outlines the life of Tom Brady (New England Patriots Quarterback). It is done in a child friendly way while having a great message: if you work hard then it will pay off. The words all rhyme and it flows easily while being read.

The pictures in the book are also very well done. They are colorful and full of a variety of animals. Although toddlers will be too young to understand the story, it’s a great book for reading aloud, and also for talking about the animals by labeling the pictures. Beginning readers will definitely be able to grasp the message.

A fun book, just in time for football season!

Looking forward to seeing football fans of all ages this Sunday!

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