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"How My Daddy Taught Me To Dance"

From the second published children's book.

"I don't care what you wear!"

Tammy getting ready for a day at the park.

"The Whale,the Ocean, the Duck, and the Pond"



The weather superhero graphic action story.

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Welcome to the Susies Stories site, featuring information about Susie and her books. The online site for Susie's Stories Rockport bookstore is now open as well, where we feature a selection of carefully curated books, ranging from classic to contemporary, meant for everyone from the very young to the more mature reader. On this site, get to know some wonderful characters and fun stories. We are always excited about the opportunity to present our stories to you all, and it is with a sense of great excitement that we present this work to the world. This is a passion, and there are many things planned to be published over time. The first five books for SusiesStories were "Too Much Hopscotch" , "How My Daddy Taught Me To Dance", "I Don't Care What You Wear As Long As It's Clean", and "The Whale, the Ocean, the Duck, and the Pond", as well as the graphic action comic called D.U.A.N.E. (Don't Underestimate Any Natural Elements) which was most recently published. It is the cornerstone of efforts to increase community awareness about severe weather safety. Please spread the word and share our website with others that share our purpose and our interests!

1 month ago

Susie Rich

You can’t go wrong with a book no matter where you are 🥰 ...

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2 months ago

Susie Rich

Still thinking about the First Responders, putting it on the line daily. Not just dealing with the pandemic, but also events like the fires in Oregon and the upcoming Hurricane Sally. ...

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3 months ago

Susie Rich

We strive to provide good reads for every age and genre ... a tough challenge for our little shop. Based on our love of comic books we decided to have a section for that too. We're in the midst of redoing it, but we think we're on the right track. ...

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