Project D.U.A.N.E.




Project D.U.A.N.E. is a comic book about a hero named Duane who educates children about staying safe in extreme weather occurrences.  It will be a part of a safety and education program designed to teach children and their families the importance of preparing for extreme weather conditions.

The goal is to develop a plan to work with experienced individuals such as science teachers and meteorologists to teach kids in a non- threating manner what to do and how to stay safe under certain weather related conditions or situations.

The comic book would be distributed as part of the education program as a reminder of what to do and how to prepare for extreme weather events.  It would encourage the children as well as parents and guardians to visit certain safety sites and to gather information needed to help the family stay safe.

Weather warnings are often displayed on TV, news broadcasts, and radio; things that children do not often watch or listen to these days.  These warnings are not often on cell phones, tablets or featured while kids are playing video games, and they could miss crucial weather related warnings.  Often kids are home alone and may also be taking care of siblings.  Putting the book in the hands of students may remind them to form a safety plan before they experience a power outage, lighting strike, flood, or other events while on their own. 

In an article entitled “In Coast Guard commencement address, Obama buoys climate change” written by Allie Malloy and Kristen Holmes of CNN May 20, 2015, President Barack Obama was quoted as saying “Climate change will impact every country on the planet, no nation is immune”.

Some people say climate change is absolute while some people do not believe in climate change at all.  We do know that hundreds of tornados, floods, wildfires, storms and other weather events happen every year, unfortunately with some tragedies.  Some of these events turn out to be extreme.  I believe no matter what the cause, we must concern ourselves with the effects.  We need to begin a dialogue and increase visibility around educating, planning and preparing for such hazards, as we have done with other potential dangers such as fire safety.  When it comes to the health, safety and well-being of our children, the needs of the many outweigh everything.

Today’s youth will face decisions and inherit a situation shaped by world leaders today around this subject.  They will need to learn and perhaps pass on relevant knowledge as we strive to find solutions today.

 If you also consider this to be an important issue and believe that there should be a plan in place to educate children on how to plan, prepare and stay safe during extreme weather events please join me in introducing Project D.U.A.N.E.

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