About The Author


Susie Rich was raised in Cincinnati Ohio, and has spent her career working in the social work/homelessness prevention field.  Several years ago she began to pursue her passion for writing; she has published ‘Beauties, The Eye Of The Beholder’ in an Ohio magazine.  She has written a number of short stories and is working on a current novel as well as a  graphic novel. She currently resides near Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.

SusiesStories Purpose:

To educate and entertain, promoting a positive image of self-esteem, confidence and the importance of community to both young readers and adults.  Susie’s Stories will encourage a positive attitude toward problem solving through storytelling, and will also focus on understanding and preparing for extreme weather events.  My purpose is to keep children and families safe; before, during and after extreme weather events.

D.U.A.N.E. Mission Statement:

This program seeks to educate children by introducing valuable health and safety information about staying safe during extreme weather events and occurrences.  We will highlight the importance of what to do in an emergency and address planning, preparedness, response and recovery efforts for the community.  The goal is to have children play a unique role and be a valuable asset by being involved in a youth preparedness program; by learning and passing on knowledge to their families and communities.


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