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“Too Much Hopscotch celebrates kids’ unique ways of problem solving when at play.”
K. Hawkins
Middle School Educator.

“This sweet story will bring your memory back to carefree days that will make you smile.  It’s a great read for the young and young-at-heart.”
L. Miller.


Regarding Project DUANE:

The White House, Washington

“Dear Susie:

Thank you for sharing your story.  Natural disasters and severe weather threaten communities across every region of our country and across the world.  Many people‚Äôs lives have been touched by their effects, and I appreciate your reaching out.

When disaster strikes, our fellow citizens need to know their country will be there for them and stand beside them.  There will be homes, schools, and roads to rebuild; businesses and hospitals to reopen; families to support; and first responders to honor.  During difficult times, we are reminded that our Nation is bound together and that we have to look out for each other.  If you have been directly affected, you should visit www.DisasterAssistance.gov to access current response and recovery information.

We also need to plan for natural disasters and for the current and future impacts of climate change.  We must build smarter, more resilient infrastructure that protects our homes and businesses and withstands damage from disasters.  And training and education for our first responders and all our citizens are absolutely critical.  Each of us should do whatever we can to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for these events.  I encourage you to visit www.Ready.gov and www.FEMA.gov to get informed and make an emergency plan.

As Americans, our spirit is strong and resilient.  We go through tough times, but we bounce back.  By working together and staying prepared, we can save lives and ensure a brighter future for all our citizens.  Thank you, again, for your message.


Barack Obama”

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