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A childs-eye view of the election process

Written by Susie Rich




     Brian looked up from his set of new racing cars. His parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles along with a few friends had gathered to watch what they say was a debate. According to his mother a debate was a talk or discussion. Brian had just learned those words earlier today. All of the adults were sure talking or discussing or debating he thought, and how funny it was to him that they all did it at the same time. His family had watched Presidential debates before but now it was down to only two people and they each got to pick a partner. It was kind of like the shows on TV or the games at school but more serious. Brian listened as they shouted out their favorites and why. His grandpa, two uncles and one of the neighbors seemed to like the man that was running and choose the woman as his running mate. They mostly liked the fact that he was in the war. They think he will be good for people in the war now. My parents, grandmother, two aunts and two other neighbors like the woman who is running. They say she understands real people and would be fair to everyone, but Brian is not sure if she chose a running mate yet. Brian thought a minute about whom he would choose; after all, his mother says he will be able to vote one day. He did not see anything that great about either one. He didn’t understand the man’s stories. The other candidate as they called her seemed ok. She smiled a lot and said some things that Brian understood. She talked about the planet and saving energy which are things that Brian had learned about in school. What Brian had liked most about these times was that it brought everyone together. He had only been around his uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents during the holidays but because of these debates during this election year, his family came together to watch. Laughing and joking, eating and remembering the good times past and present. Brian heard so much about his family’s history that he was amazed by how people used to live. They talked so much about the future that Brian was excited to see how it would all turn out. He would only have to wait a few months before the winner was decided.

     Those few months went by quickly as the big day was finally here. Brian’s parents had all the usual family and of course quite a few more people who also brought their kids to observe the special day. Brian and the other kids got to play so many games that it felt like his birthday without the gifts but was still very cool. Every once in a while Brian could hear “Yea” and “Boo” coming from inside but all seemed to be having an exciting time. After a while as the adults watched each candidate’s numbers go up and down the evening wore on and it was time for the kids to go home. Soon Brian’s mother came for him because it was time for him to say good night before she carried him off to bed. “I want to stay up and see who was chosen for selection day” Brian protested. His mother watched as tired little Brian brushed his teeth and rubbed his eyes. “Well”, said Brian’s mother, “first of all it is called Election Day” she giggled. ”I know”, Brian countered, “ but you said the person is selected so it should be Selection Day, right?” “Nevertheless” ,his mother continued, “the results will not be in for some time but I promise you tomorrow, no matter who wins the world will be changed” she said as she gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and whispered ‘nighty night’ before disappearing out the door. Brian thought about his mother’s words and the changes these people had already made for his family and their friends. Some say stand for change, others say make a change, and neither one mattered to Brian. He remembered the excitement of the day as he began to slip happily asleep. What was important to him was that a change had already been made in his life with this history making selection day.

Copyright © Susie Rich 2015

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